Norma currently lives a dual life. Somehow she ended up an animation director; Someone who makes paper puppets & Sometimes it’s a little confusing. Animation, paper puppets, tv commercials, pop up cards, paper automata & other handmade animated doodads are some of the things that get created under the Crankbunny name.

"Positively Amazing"
Type : Cut-out animation
Description : 60sec commercial for Smartbite, a diet product that helps you chew smaller bites.
Rating -- vacationing action safe

"Robot Gets Its Wings"
Personal Project :
Type : Cut-out & stop motion, 60sec
Premise : Everytime you buy or sell something handmade, a robot gets its wings.

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Paper Puppet Palooza : Adventures in Making Moveable Art Figures
Book is out now! - Paper Puppet Palooza is an instructional storybook how-to written by Crankbunny on making, designing, and constructing paper puppets. Each chapter in this craft book covers specific techniques and approaches; from paper dolls, marionettes, shadow puppets, toys, to artful gifts. The book also contains templates for each project.

> Visit the book's website - sneak previews galore!
> Buy a signed limited edition cover book version!

Type : Traditional Animation 30sec
Description : Commercial for Connections Academy - an online public school for kids in the United States
Rating -- hand model status

"Paper Puppet Palooza"
Type : Animated Book Trailer
Description : A peak into the life of Paul Palooza - explorer and self-proclaimed puppetologist. For the how-to craft book Paper Puppet Palooza.
Rating -- fresh push

“Secret Decoder Ring”
Type : Popup Greeting Card
Description : Crack the secret code of love with a decoder ring pop up greeting card!

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